what is Wisevest?

Wisevest is a member to member donation scheme where participant donate and receive money willingly to one another .it created with aim of improving the people's financial well being.

upon registration ,you are expected to login and activate your account with 1k one time payment fee,then click donate ,a member shown on your dashboard assign by the system ,once the member acknowledges your donation.the system will find two donors for you in return

This depend on the availability of donors that are willing to donate to you but on the average this should not take more than 1-5.days

our goals is to do better in the life of people by providing this peer to peer donation platform .once you register and have activate your account and donate you become awaiting beneficially

you will get (2) for every (1) donation .

no you can only give one donation in a day once you receive your payment

Wisevest reward their investors after 0 to 48hours,by pairing them with two people to pay them double of their investment.

Be sure that donation is not receive ,then click not seen this automatically moves to disputed transaction for our investigation team and the earning member will be.

for further information/classification inquires Please create a ticket or go to help &support.

Payment Window?

Allocated time to make payment is 12hours allocated time to comfirm payment is 6,hours .

Note(if you don't have money please don't click donate,if you know your line will not be available don't donate,if you know you can't confirm your payment don't donate

Before getting help, You're expected to provide another help that is not les than your previous PH

Every registered account that refuse to pay within 24 hours after registration gets deleted to ensure we are working with only serious people.

Activation of accounts runs all day. merging first section starts from 9am to 1pm while second section runs from 5pm to 9pm daily.